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Having trouble visualizing your space?

If you are thinking about redecorating, or need some inspiration but can't quite visual your space or how colours, fabrics and textures go together; let us help you with moodboards and 3D visuals.  3D helps you to see how your room will look before you even purchase a paintbrush! It allows you to save time and money and get the design of your room right the first time!


Home Staging Plans Cheshire

If you're stuck for ideas of how to create more space, space plans can give you a clear idea of how to rearrange what you already have.


Home Staging Cheshire

When selling your home key tips that are common sense but, are rarely applied by home sellers! Make sure your home is clean, tidy (which includes clutter free!) and presentable. Home Staging is ideal for those who need to make small changes on a budget without dropping thousands off the asking price.


Home-Staging Cheshire Selling your home

Selling your home, especially in the current climate, isn't always easy, so it's important to make your home stand out from the rest; it is a buyer's market after all. Making the slightest change can make all the difference between selling your home or it being left on the market for longer than you wish. It's better to spend a few hundred pounds making changes than dropping thousands off the asking price! Remember, it doesn't matter whether you like the new design or not, it's not about you, it's about selling your home! Let us help you. Enquire about our Home Staging Services.


Wrightlux - Be Different... be a Purple Cow & stand out from the crowd!

Arrh, this concept is what makes Wrightlux "different". We love that visitors come to our website and that it isn't what they expect to see! We don't conform to the "norm" and don't expect that we ever will! You see being "different" is a gift and being able to express this, especially through interior design, gives us immense pride and satisfaction though ultimately, it is the clients who choose to work with us and allow us to stand out from the crowd that really makes what we do a pleasure!

What makes us different? Let us design something for you and you will see 'something' truly unique. The ability to think outside the circle is key. If on the other hand you like to follow the crowd then, we're probably not for you!