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Transcendent textures.
Subtle lighting.
Colours that enhance the atmosphere.
Furniture to sink into.
Accessories that catch the light and the imagination.
Spaces reimagined.
Interior design and all its facets are elevated to new heights at Wrightlux Interiors. Suffice to say that we will work with you to create and design an interior that you are proud of.


Design Advice

During our initial consultation we will discuss your needs, wants, and budget. During this process we will start to define your colour palette. Often this palette is brought to life with a simple inspirational piece that a client may have or want. A mirror, a chair, an objet d’art, this becomes the focal point around which we will coordinate the design. This palette can then be enhanced with flooring, furnishings, wall coverings, artworks and accessories. However, throughout this process we are constantly mindful of our clients’ tastes, ensuring that we create rooms they are proud of.


Home Staging

Selling a home is never easy. And right now, with a depressed property market, ensuring you get the most for your home is crucial. Home Staging has been created by Wrightlux Interiors and is ideal for home sellers. This service offers design lead visual recommendations on how best to alter aspects of your home to increase interest from potential buyers. With thousands of homes for sale on the market today, it’s important for you to make your house stand out. We’ll provide advice on how you can make the simplest and most cost effective of changes to create maximum impact so you achieve maximum return on your investment.


Space Planning

Being able to ‘see’ and appreciate a space and its full potential is not always the easiest thing to do. This is why we have created Space Planning. Space Planning is an interior design service that delivers scaled views of your project either in 2-D or 3-D. This allows us to create a vision for your interior that you can share. In this stage we will then discuss with you how you envisage using this space and what your intentions for it are. Having this scaled view of your interior makes it easy for us to make changes and easy for us to find the right balance. Resulting in a comfortable, clean and functional interior design for your home or building. 


Window Treatments, Soft Furnishings & Accessories

It is always the last 10% of every project that makes all the difference. It’s that little attention to detail that catches the eye and lifts the design of a room. We will help advise you on the right soft furnishings, accessories and window treatments that will make all the difference. These could be ‘off the shelf’ or tailor-made and will include blinds and curtains. We can also provide cushions, bedding, carpets, pieces of art and much, much more.



Naturally Wrightlux Interiors will source all products required for the project, from carpets to fabrics, furniture to paints. We also have access to the very latest industry designs and product releases. While for those looking for a more eclectic approach to interior design, antiques and original pieces can be commissioned.


Project Management

When we receive a commission, we don’t see the project as finished until the client is completely happy. This means we will project manage every aspect of a project, dealing with tradesmen and suppliers and ensuring there is as little disturbance as possible. This way we can ensure your home is finished on time and on budget.